Friday, January 8, 2010

Window through double wall

I have a masonry exterior wall with a 6" stud interior plus insulation. Since these are seperate back to back walls, the window family won't cut through more than 1 of the walls.

To get around this. Here is an option.

Open the window you are using on the exterior brick wall.

Erase all geometry accept the window opening.

Do a Save As, and save the file.

Now you can place this in the interior wall and the opening is the same as the window.

In addition you could lock the blank window to the regular window with the align tool. Then lock button.


  1. You can also use the Join Geometry tool on the two walls... and the window will cut both. That works as long as they are actually touching. This avoids the blank window being counted in a schedule.

  2. This actually works even if the walls aren't touching. I'm not sure what the tolerance is, but I think that I have seen it work out to an inch or more.

  3. I believe the window opening is actually subtracted from the walls area and volume. In the db the numbers should change when the 'opening' is added. Tile the windows for a wall view and your wall schedule. Add and remove openings. Watch them change togethter! yea!

  4. Do anyone know how one would solve this with roofs? Joining roofs wont enable the window to cut through them both?

  5. The join fix works great except for door or window frames. Any idea what I can do about this?