Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Revit Video Tutorials

I have been working In an Commercial Architectural Firm integrating Revit for a couple of years now and have learned a lot. Before I worked with Revit I spent about 6 years using Solidworks and 15 years using 3ds Max and Maya. I have extensive experience with many 3d programs but Revit is not really like any of the others. I t has a lot of powerful tools, however in the end there is no substitute for just modeling what you need to get the job done. That is to say that you need keep focus on producing drawings and not just complex 3d Families and Models.

I have been working on a roof plan for a new commercial project. Using massing, and face based roofs, I have been able to create an accurate representation of the roof system.

Commercial Roofs, Creating a Face based roof

I will be posting new training material all the time so check back frequently. The topics will be based on commercial Architecture and will be of a more advance nature.

Any comments are welcome.
Steve Swensen

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